I grew up in a small farm community in New Carlisle, Ohio. My parents first discovered my talent when I drew Mickey Mouse at five years old. They encouraged me to develop my skills by supplying me with art kits and books, and all through public school I took art classes and entered a couple summer courses at the Dayton Art Institute. After High School I went on to study at Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, and the University of Cincinnati. I was picked up later as a freelance artist with Penny Lane Publishing. During those years I had designed over 100 images for trends in the decorative art market but have since evolved into abstract art. You can see many of those images in the Archives on this website.

In abstract I find great joy in painting with strokes, whooshes, imprints, patterns, and most of all—rust. Yes, “rust.” I discovered that color mixed with rust has rendered endless possibilities for me. The process is filled with surprises. No piece can be duplicated, because each experience takes me to a new level of understanding in how to approach my next effort with color, rust, and the organic outcome it creates on steel. Since I entered this new genre of art, I get to create a world of colorful, organic images where sight and imagination are without borders.