Commissioned Artwork


When collectors do not find an original that matches their present or future décor, they'll commission me to paint one. I'll come to see the color scheme and layout of the room. We'll go over the art images on my website to consider the size, style, colors, and texture they want. Once that is determined I’ll order the steel canvas and create the piece.

The price is determined by the sizes listed below. Due to my other career paths, my time is limited to create new works which creates a supply and demand problem. This means the price will increase over time.

I hope you'll consider owning a “Zinn” original for your collection. For a free consultation, you may contact me HERE.

Commissioned pieces of art come in the following standard prices and sizes with the low to high range ratio depending on the piece (shipping and taxes not included). This does not exclude a custom-sized piece to meet the needs or size of your wall space.

NOTE: Current prices subject to change based on market demand value.

Dimensions and pricing

Below is a general idea of dimensions, for when ordering a piece of commissioned artwork.
14" x 14" • $500

14" x 28" • $1,200

44" x 44" • $4,500

44" x 60" • $5,500

44" x 68" • $7,500